Project Contact:
Mary Beaudry     310-277-1209

Volunteer Organization Name:
Committee of Professional Women

Orchestra Name:
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Los Angeles


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Name of the project:
Opening the Concert Hall for Disadvantaged Children

Project Description:
COPW's project involves purchasing and donating tickets to children residing in group homes to attend the Toyota Symphonies for Youth concerts. All of these children are dependents of the Children's Court of the Superior Court of California as a result of suffering physical, sexual and or emotional abuse.

The goal of the project is both educational and life enhancing -- to allow these very deprived children to experience the joy of symphonic music in the elegant and inspiring Walt Disney Concert Hall and provide a vision of another life possibility.

The project was initiated in collaboration with the Los Angeles Breakfast Club, that made a generous start-up donation of $1,000, and with four group homes. COPW has now made this an ongoing annual project commitment.

The success of the project is confirmed by the positive and enthusiastic feedback received from many of the children who attend these events and from the administrators of the group homes (who were thrilled to receive the tickets). Some of the children sent artwork and notes of appreciation. Comments from participants include:

"Your gift brings hope into the lives of these children of abuse. You enable us to make measurable and significant progress a reality for our residents" (group home administrator).

"Thank you. I had a very great time. I hope I can come again." (child)

An administrator reported that one child happily "conducted" the orchestra during the concert and described the concert as "awesome" and "cool."

COPW has made this an annual project funded within its operating budget and with donations, when given. The project began in 2005-2006 with the purchase of 40 concert tickets, 10 for each of four concerts. In 2006-2007, COPW purchased and donated 80 tickets, 10 for each of eight concerts. The ticket allocations to the selected group homes includes two for adult escorts.

Although not a barrier, less than full utilization of the donated tickets presented a problem once when a violent incident occurred in one of the homes causing a "lock-down." The COPW coordinator was able to work out a plan with the home administrator to permit some children to attend.

Role and number of volunteers involved:
For the initial year, two COPW members worked out the procedures and made contacts with the selected group homes. Ongoing maintenance of the project requires only one coordinator. The coordinator contacts the group homes'activities chairpersons and offers the tickets. Then, upon acceptance, a letter is prepared and sent to each home confirming its acceptance of the tickets, agreement to provide transportation, adult supervision and insurance. Upon receeipt of the signed letters of agreement, the tickets are sent with a covering letter. Fortunately, COPW's coordinator was an attorney who worked in the Children's court and was familiar with the operations of group homes.

Staff in one group home also collaborated to enhance the children's experience by providing a concert preview class of the music to be performed.

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There were no in-kind contributions other than the value of the coordinator's time.